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It was like we had a little secret that no one knew. RSS Feed Click the links to find out more. A thoroughly updated edition of this essential reference guide for physiotherapists and physical therapists, looking to apply the proven benefits of physiotherapy to the treatment of companion and performance animals. Published: Tuesday, 28 February 2023 16:08. I hope that you will give this situation the serious attention it deserves and am very happy for you to contact me if you require further information. A lot. So here goes. Heres what John would have needed to say in order to be genuinely seeking consent; Id like to dehumanise you, fuck you for a few weeks, lie to you about having a future together so youll give me your body and agree to do things in youll deeply regret later. . Original post this is in response to, dated Friday 13th March for John McGuigan, The Glasgow Dog Trainer. What is fuck John. Thank goodness for my young enthusiastic dogs! Email Jamie at More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Pets Mean Business - Episode 33 John McGuigan: On Thoughtful Dog Training and Running an Unapologetically . Does any of this sound familiar?Perhaps you think you cant afford dog training. Isolation kills. (LogOut/ If your dogs are pulling and being aggressive, I can help you to transform them into well behaved and obedient dogs in only fifteen minutes a day. So I stopped going. Reviewed in the United States on June 30, 2018. Dog Training in the St Cloud, Orlando, Kissimmee, Melbourne, Celebration, Winter Park, Palm Bay, Winter Park, Clermont and Central Florida area. On the 13th March 2020, John McGuigan, The Glasgow Dog Trainer posted about suffering at the hands of campaigners who were harassing him and his family by accusing him of sexual predation. She had been through a tough time and wanted to talk to me about Johns abusive behaviour toward her. #modernwoman. West End opening night at the Wyndham's Theatre on Tuesday. So I started to give myself a break about it. I am also one of those women John claims are campaigning against him. I was contacted by many concerned speakers, and I told them my truth. It doesnt matter if you are still "under the veil", I was for three years. Tributes have been paid to an 'absolute gent' after a body was recovered from his Airdrie home following a fatal fire. : Top subscription boxes right to your door, 1996-2023,, Inc. or its affiliates, Eligible for Return, Refund or Replacement within 30 days of receipt, Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. I will fuck with your head, alternate between making you think Im going to kill myself and making you think we are going to get married and rule the industry until you dont know what the fuck is going on to ensure that my vulnerability appears to your better nature and youll give me anything I ask for. Peace. As a professional in the industry, I posted my concerns about the behaviour, not the person, on social media giving women a place of confidence to come to. May 19, 2016 glasgowdogtrainer Leave a comment. It is not who we are it is only part of us. in the environments that we share. K9 handler for fifteen years before he retired. I some how got to the final of scruffts with Bella , and she won! Its an illness, like any other, dont suffer alone. and I use that as a reference as to how powerful the effect of diet can be. There are 100+ professionals named "John Mcguigan", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. Having short videos to show us what it is you're talking about is massively helpful! Engage as much as you can. When consent is given it is given conditionally to the paradigm and beliefs you have about your relationship and the dynamic to believe to be true. The exact text message I sent to him was; Youre a piece of fucking work again, not my finest hour. They have made care far financially far beyond most peoples means. I found him to be kind, compassionate, empathetic, non judgemental and very good at reading dogs and people. I feel so much for the young men growing up feeling so desperate to fit into their communities and genuinely thinking this is what is expected of them as the stereotypical male. My intimate relationship with John was strung over a few months, very intense and involved a strong push pull dynamic. John has been training dogs professionally for over 10 years. I remember thinking I cant wait to be a grown up so I can have some control over my life. Depression is so common, every doctor deals with it and may be able to prescribe some meds to give you some relief. Questions or Comments? The letters started to pour in from individuals and mentors. John you are so brave for sharing your experiences and reaching out to people about this. Thank you for that, I often thought if it werent for my dogs .. His post is an admission of guilt, and power move to control the narrative and appear himself as the suffering and helpless victim whilst hiding the details of the story. Mr McGuigan was a student of mine focusing on business development for a short period of time, before obscene messages from him to some of my female students came to my attention. He's told them, just enough truth to create smoke and mirrors. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. : Animal . I'm offering vet practices . Dogs, e-collar, ecollar, Glasgow Dog Trainer, John McGuigan, punishment, shock collar, Living with a dog in pain. When we talk, we heal; not just ourselves, but others too. Ill not go into the full details of why I became ill but this is what some of what I experienced and if you are suffering from it you are not alone. It's fucking brutal and the sooner the law changes in protection of abuse victims the better. His work area was huge. This is what recovery from depression is like. Hugs and all strength to you x. You have a problem; you need to acknowledge that and get help, Predation would imply force, and Im never forceful.. Having received it in paperback form (I buy all my dog training books in paperback format) I am really disappointed. These are the acute episodes. Click here to find your nearest Rape & Sexual Assault Referral Center and talk to someone who can help. The main changes deal with issues of federalism. Learn more. If you have been involved in the spreading these rumours, I ask that you give my side of the story the same energy as you gave theirs. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on January 22, 2018. did everything I could for them to be consensual interactions and All my interactions with the women who I was directly involved with were consensual and reciprocated.. We need to do this. I was diagnosed bipolar I at the age of 41, after a lifetime of suffering. I feel like Im feeling now better than ever but still dying inside. John tells us why you need to listen to your dog, how he became a dog trainer, why you shouldn't be texting when you walk your dog and why you need to throw your flexi lead in the bin! This means that its not just conversational in tone, but disjointed and difficult to read. So, it continues today. Ive thought long and hard about writing this blog as its been a personal struggle which I wasnt sure if I wanted to share. I have learned as a businesswoman that generosity can absolutely be your weakness, but you can turn it into the strongest asset you have. If anyone would like to see the paid invoices from his contracted hours at the facility, his facilitation fee at my retreat, or his account in my academy which sits at 0 they are open to you. John McGuigan is a professional dog trainer and behaviour consultant with over ten years experience training dogs. I have shared his post underneath this text, so you can scroll read that first to bring yourself fully in the . Be well and take time to do what you need to do to heal. I lost this attitude I had at the beginning. I spend at least two hours most days hiking in the countryside with my beloved girl. Im sorry to hear that you struggle with depression sometimes, but I so respect your generosity for being open about it. This item can be returned in its original condition for a full refund or replacement within 30 days of receipt. His post is offensive to those who are still suffering because of his behaviour and a very familiar lie that hes peddled for years without any forward going effect on how intentionally he behaves. Glasgow Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant. This post is an honest and true account of my experience. On the third attempt, and presumably his insight, he changed the donation charity to local womens charities. Stand up when you see others being bullied or harassed as you dont know how it is effecting the recipient. Some days I could not get out of bed. That I got to comfort him. So, I started yoga and saw and osteopath to help make my back better. We work hard to protect your security and privacy. This situation needs to be ended. You [], dog training podcast You are not entitled to hear the full account of anyone's trauma in order for you to make a judgement call, this isn't jury service and I am not seeking your approval. Thank you for sharing this powerful story. The media presents a key democratic space by which to ensure that long suppressed accounts of sexual violence and trauma surface and are taken seriously, we must ensure bad men cant use the law to silence women. Snap out of it!, they say, or Exercise more! they say. Episode 25 Today Dom is talking to the Glasgow Dog Trainer, John Mcguigan. Weve got these brains which evolved in a very different period of time for a completely different world. If you want to learn more then check out these posts. I subsequently directly challenged him and voiced my serious concerns over his behaviour. He retired after thirty years as a police officer in 1997. I am sorry I didnt see the massive problem our world was facing for so many of you, now I see it in all its ugliness, and I stand with you. Thank you, John. However, I was not in a position to directly address the concerns, until he engaged my services professionally. Reviewed in the United States on January 20, 2018. Well said. After I employed John to work at our facility, one of my staff members parents a Police Officer and former colleague of Johns warned me that he didnt want that man anywhere need his daughter. Ive also got fitter and lost a bit of weight! Find the tiny little things which give you pleasure. He was depressed. It doesn't matter if you believe he needs help, so do I. I've pleaded with him, yelled at him to get it, and a social media show down isn't helpful for anyone. Here you go. I foolishly waited this long before giving my side of the story. Dont be afraid of the help there is out there feel the fear and do it anyway, when you have a good day. Find something you are good at and can be successful at. He needed me. His supporters will publicly defend him and add to the assault when we tell our truth, and it doesn't matter. You HAVE to stop this now, there is a trail of collateral damage following you around. In November 2018 I asked John to teach at my retreat. Finally, Id like you to be discreet so none of you find out about each other (unless I choose to tell you as an ego boost at who Ive conquered) and to ensure you feel isolated and ashamed after I discard you so you never speak out. The women who dont like me he refers to, are in fact all the women who have gone through appropriate professional and legal channels to report their experience AND the countless professionals who have been mentors who have counselled affected women over the years of which there are many. Additionally, Ill also be screwing several other women with my unprotected penis and expose your body to potential sexual health risks AND Id like to tell graphic stories and share your personal intimate details with said women. I read Grain Brain by neurologist Dr David Perlmutter and Wheat Belly by Cardiologist Dr William Davis. Dog Training in the St Cloud, Orlando, Kissimmee, Melbourne, Celebration, Winter Park, Palm Bay, Winter Park, Clermont and Central Florida area. Meanwhile his behaviour continues, and more women suffer. Second, Im on the 2nd page of the first chapter where there are video links. It is like asking someone with a broken leg to run a mile. She has helped me heal with her love and zest for life. Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) Passed independent certification exam September 2016. John McGuigan. Sure, the people, the dogs, its all great and makes me smile and thats it. I am a suicide survivor and lived with suicide struggles for many years. All links are for YouTube. I think why it hits men so hard is because they are hanging on so tight. This post is only for those effected to know they are not crazy. Menu. Especially when I knew what I did and was too blinded by him to serve you the way I should have. I cant help but imagine him revelling in the notoriety of the implied survivors of JM Support Group (not an actual group). He . However, turning a blind eye is granting permission for his behaviour to continue, and I am not prepared to be complicit in this. It is tragic. It takes everything you have to stand in this level of truth and face it head on, please don't pressure anyone who isn't ready. I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as my hobby and it has been an absolute tonic in my life for the last 11 years. I was one of the first to try Prozac and it was a magic bullet for me, after having tried almost everything else. Hes an international speaker and has been training dogs for over 10 years. I felt he was honest, genuine, and needed me. I recognise these symptoms in my days too. My energy levels are low and it is easy to stay in bed for many hours so I give myself a time limit. Do something I love and help others. In this podcast we spoke about Johns career in the police, how he has leveraged social media to grow his business and overcoming mental health issues as a dog trainer. Very brave of you, weldone, I hope you go from strenght to strength, an inspiration in many ways x. Please try again. they truly make a loving connection with each and every dog they meet.I would recommend Confident Canines for their training, daycare or products. Our industry can be very isolating so we need friends and a support network. I grew up with dogs and they are just always in my life. Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. I previously worked in an extremely male dominated, macho bullshit environment. John McGuigan is the author of Your Dog Trainer's 5 Step Guide to Dog Training and is well known for his presence online as the Glasgow Dog Trainer. "As some of you may be aware, I have suffered from severe depression over the last decade. Wishing you well. I created his mentorship program, that on me I am deeply sorry I orchestrated a situation which allowed that man to get that close to you if you have been one of those who suffered. I have felt your pain and still have days I am fortunate to have built a great network of supportive professionals in this industry. The next day a renowned trainer approached me, her hands shaking and asked if we could speak privately. I realise my actions have caused some upset and distress and I sincerely apologise for that. Maybe they bark inappropriately and you get embarrassed. He was so grateful I was there for him, to support him whilst he was struggling with his depression. John McGuigan is the author of Your Dog Trainer's 5 Step Guide to Dog Training and is well known for his presence online as the Glasgow Dog Trainer. I have several other professional dog trainers in the public eye who will speak to you if helpful to confirm their first-hand account. (LogOut/ Thank goodness the fog would part eventually. For the most part it is under control now. It is a terrible thing to live with but many people do. I didnt support women when they were telling me their truth. John McGuigan is the primary contact at Glasgow Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant. This works well. So talk. And in an attempt to stop the repetition of this pattern and protect vulnerable women future harm. It doesn't matter if you think this is mean, inappropriate, or the wrong way to handle it. I also found that my animal welfare sensitivity gets sorely tested on line so tend to restrict what I look at and how often. This damage limitation attempt gets him immediate gratification for the vanity metrics of likes and comments and has also made it possible for some of the women he sought company of to go public and give you the specifics and detail hes conveniently left out of his PR move. 2,395 talking about this. lecture, and hands on demonstration using carefully selected demo dogs included. The modern world is testing all of us but men are so much more vulnerable because they are traditionally seen as being the supporter and not the supported. a weekend with john mcguigan, glasgow dog trainer: aggression, self-control and human movement for dog training in this 3 .5 day workshop, john will cover various aspects of dealing with aggression, self-control and human movement for dog training. Unable to add item to List. Especially the guys, talk to someone, please, if you feel like this. What happens when you expose our brains to this kind of pace in the modern world? We had four GSDs at the time of his death. I am not prepared to stand by and allow that irrespective of my personal ethical stance of whether he can help it, I dont think he can, and I hope he gets the help he needs. This last year has been different. Some dogs are continually jumping up on people, or they dont come to you when you call them. Talk to the dog, call a helpline but for fuck sake please talk about it. Just not the left shoulder, it is hurting like crazy, but the right one is still good. I am in a privileged position through my work to reach a few thousand people so for me I need to try to help anyway I can. Its always one day and something that you promise yourself youll get around to eventually.We carried out a survey of the top training problems people encountered with their dogs. Dog training expert explains why there is 'no such thing' as dangerous breeds - John McGuigan is the owner of Glasgow Dog Trainer, a professional training company that began more than 16 years ago. John McGuigan, Glasgow Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant. There is hope! It might help but it most often doesnt make it worse. However, as I have previously had a personal relationship with him, he has used this to suggest my challenge was also personal. As a voice for those who cant come forward, who cant even like this post they are so afraid of consequence. Big hug, Sandra. Im over the feeling guilty part, but even now its impossible for me to do the simplest tasks. I am sorry your voice wasnt heard by me in in your most vulnerable moment when you chose me to confide in. This year John is hosting two events; Awesomer Dog Training with Hannah Branigan and Proprioception with Lori Stevens and Sam Turner. It eats away constantly at the structure and then sometimes parts of the structure collapse. Being a crossover trainer and having lived with dogs showing aggressive behaviors . You are now part of a profession which is notorious for burn out and compassion fatigue. Also feel that that the paperback is a bit of a cheat as John refers you to a video on YouTube to demonstrate a point he is making. , Independently published (January 19, 2018), Language She had been through a tough time and wanted to talk to me about Johns abusive behaviour toward her. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we dont use a simple average. I continued to be a good friend/sucker/under the veil/manipulated. Alyssa Rose Mental Illness aka depression, anxiety, etc. Depression something personal | The laughing lurcher,, Living Wholeheartedly with your dog part9, Living Wholeheartedly with your dog part8, Living Wholeheartedly with your dog part7. They misunderstood or where overly sensitive, I had to be strong for him and stand for him as his friend. . John Mcguigan You need to get it out in some productive way. John tells his story about transitioning from using corrections in training to positive reinforcement based training methods. The next day a renowned trainer approached me, her hands shaking and asked if we could speak privately. He couldnt fight any more and completed suicide on April 3, 2011. John McGuigan - Glasgow dog trainer. H, Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, peace & love xx PS your one heck of a trainer pls pls stay strong xx. His information is sound and science-based, and is delivered in such a way that even the most confused or desperate dog owner can start using it to make positive changes immediately without being overwhelmed. I needed to do something about it as I am not depression. I felt honoured to be chosen as his confidant. You need and deserve support. A cruise ship does not turn on a dime but is a long, slow arc. BEHAVIOUR CONSULTANT. Later that day, a text message came into my phone, then an email with the subject line help me. Help your body and your brain out, you have the power to do something about it. Even so, the book then talks about the video in a very train of thought manner, and I cant picture what hes describing. You are such an amazing and kind person John and I am always appreciative of the fabulous rational advice in your blogs. Its an illness, nobodys fault, it doesnt make you less masculine nor less human. That he would call me when it was all too much. We dont talk about our feelings. They continue to insist that mental health does not matter and it is simply a matter of bad character. Up until last year, I was working full time and doing my dog training on the side. John Mcguigan and Dr Ian Dunbar - Out to Lunch over Learning Theory - Flipping the Script. 2/13/2023 0 Comments 0 Comments Leave a Reply. I felt bad. Being manipulated into doing things with your life, your body, your emotions based on lies and deceit hurts, a lot. Thats depression too. I have serious concerns about a John McGuigan, The Glasgow Dog Trainer, regarding his behaviour towards many women in our industry. (I bought this on kindle) I'm not far through this yet but I wanted to say a massive thank you for the YouTube links. Of course, shortly thereafter, the great republican president, Ronald Reagan, decided to close down nearly every mental health treatment in the country and turned many patients out on the street, where they became homeless. The Superhero Dog Owners Show, SDOS Episode 25 How to take great care of your dog with John Mcguigan. In that time he has amassed over 450. Speaking up will hopefully help to change this stereotype. They didnt now him like I did. I do think we are overstimulated from constant information and communication and we can feel powerless and helpless when we see cruelty and witness bullying etc. I turned away women who turned to me for help. Your Dog Trainers 5 Step Guide to Dog Training, Glasgow Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant, Awesomer Dog Training with Hannah Branigan, Proprioception with Lori Stevens and Sam Turner. : Thankfully yes. I would like to say I dont know what its feels like, but Im suffering from depression, Im a dog trainer and I dont know what to do. This isnt fair, you have a problem, and you need to get help, You are making me feel very uncomfortable right now. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 29, 2022, Decent book. John McGuigan - Glasgow Dog Trainer - Bribery as the Foundation for Force Free Dog Training. I am one of those women he "sought the company of". In this podcast we spoke about John's career in the police, how he has leveraged social media to grow his business and overcoming mental health issues as a dog trainer. It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness. You probably as behavioural practitioner understand that consequences drive behaviour, and know that all behaviour has a function, I was caught up in the place for a long time too. In November 2018, John confided in me that he was struggling in his business finances, and I asking him if hed like my help pulling together a Mentorship program. He joined me to discuss the lessons he learned from Mondio which he employs to better use play to train pet dogs. John McGuigan has a big following on Facebook where he is well known for his videos and posts under the name Glasgow Dog Trainer.He also posts regularly on his own blog under the same name. Some good info but badly written which detracts from the content. He explained this was very distressing for his mental health. The Glasgow Dog Trainer As always, predators rest their belief that women won't directly speak out because of their own shame, and guilt. Tying my shoe laces was very painful. Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral therapy are the best tools for depression and anxiety. In many developed countries, rates of anxiety and depression are absolutely sky rocketing. I tell everyone I have it, I want to end the stigma that goes with having a psychiatric disorder. In addition to buying this book, I highly recommend following him on Facebook at Glasgow Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant:; just about every day he posts another nugget of great advice and even if you already have a perfect dog (because of course I do :), you'll find yourself incorporating that information and appreciating your dog in entirely new and wonderful ways. All I want to do it live my life peacefully, help people and their dogs and develop good business relationships. I am betting there are counselling services near you. Your personal journey reasona yes with me. About this video: John McGuigan is a cross-over trainer. Anything you can, you need to redress the balance. Sometimes I still get overwhelmed and need to go home. I have found my mojo again and its thanks to a bit of courage on my part and my wonderful hairy clients. You life and your work are too important. Grayson Perry recently explored the macho culture stereotype in a three part series on Channel 4 as he well knows that the macho bullshit culture can be emotionally brutalising. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. This had now involved dog owning clients of his, students of mine, colleagues in the industry, vulnerable women who were struggling as a consequence, and Id lost count. Its uncomplicated, authentic and sincere and I absolutely treasure every moment. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The links to videos in the kindle version are extra helpful as visual aids. Mayo's Diarmuid O'Conor named Player of the week. I to started yoga, I started studying , I started thearpy (rape crises, cbt and anger management) , and I worked on getting my happy back! All my interactions with the women who I was directly involved with were consensual and reciprocated. At the risk of being poo pooed I have found dropping all grains from my diet has helped my black dog stay at bay. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. At first I would get annoyed with myself that I had spent so much time in bed and not been more productive and this would make me feel worse. Both books refer to how bi polar and epilepsy could be well controlled by diet before the event of drugs in days gone by. 2018 Glasgow Dog Trainer. Bravo, John! Create a free website or blog at It offers 1-2-1 dog training for all behavioural problems, and sparked from a. It was never my intention. It spiralled down. The main problem with this book is that it is actually a transcript of a talk or series of talks. It helps. The trouble is that they dont realize that a true clinical depression makes doing anything impossible. Like so many others, I wish you well! In my darkest hours I would say to myself I will wait until tomorrow and if I still feel the same Ill do something. Definitely worth watching and fantastic that he is speaking out about this. In one hour I can show you things that will make a difference in your dog forever.Maybe you believe that it takes too long and you dont have the time. Credit: Louise Kennerley The ACCC alleges Mr McGuigan and his business associate, Richard Poole, entered into a deal in 2009 for . First of all, its got tiny print. So, I called them - all, one by one and shared my concerns. All I ask is that you take me as you find me. There is a power dynamic at play with flattery, admiration, all at play and feelings for a man they want to keep.

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